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Our Mission

Our mission is to build “Sustainable IT” while accelerating Digital Transformation for our clients with innovative, synergistic solutions and services that deliver breakthrough performance in any business environment

Our Story

Headquartered in Malaysia since 2015 with operations in Singapore and India, we help enterprise customers innovate and implement solutions with agility and efficiency.


The term ‘Bionic’ is the study of understanding systems and processes from nature and applying those principles to modern technology. We specialize in infusing this Bionic power into our client’s ecosystem with an open source mindset to truly transform their systems and services.


Our specializations are in automated machine learning, AI-based predictive analytics, open hybrid cloud consulting and remote resource operations

Our people, processes, and tools define our culture and are the primary ingredients of our success. Our core values are

  • Result Oriented 

  • Mindfulness 

  • Passion 


We use open source principles and DevOps practices throughout our organization to maximize flexibility, transparency, and speed.

Every member of our company freely exchange different viewpoints, contribute ideas, and solve problems together. We celebrate diversity and inclusion. Our love of collaboration, accountability, a sense of community, and a measure of autonomy combine to create a powerful force that fosters innovation and makes us one of the best places to work in Malaysia

Experienced Leadership

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